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Should your new Toyota come with front-wheel or rear-wheel drive?

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If you're thinking about getting a new car from our N Charlotte Toyota dealership, then there are a few different factors that need to be taken into consideration before hopping inside a car and driving home. Most drivers automatically start thinking of the style and look that they want their new Toyota in NC to offer. However, more than this factors should be considered before getting behind the wheel of a new car and taking it home. Have you ever wondered what front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive are, or the role they play when it comes to your vehicle's performance? 

What's the difference between front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive?

Front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive each have incredibly important roles to play when it comes to how a vehicle handles and performs. Understanding the difference between the two can help drivers find a new Toyota near Charlotte that offers the capabilities they're looking for and can deliver the kind of performance they're interested in. 

  • Front-wheel drive: If a car has front-wheel drive, this basically means that the engine and transmission sends power to the front wheels. 
  • Rear-wheel drive: With rear-wheel drive the opposite situation is occurring. The rear wheels are receiving the power, which means they're the ones powering the car's movement. 

In terms of performance, each of these different types of drivetrains come with both advantages and disadvantages. What's right for you comes down to personal preference! 

Which drivetrain should your new Toyota in N Charlotte come with? 

The kind of drivetrain that's best for your vehicle really depends on what kind of driving experience you want and the kind of performance you're looking for. 

Front-wheel drive

  • With front-wheel drive, your new Toyota near Charlotte will be a little bit lighter because the there's a shorter driveshaft. This means that your vehicle will probably enjoy a little better fuel economy, which means you may not be spending as much when you arrive at the gas station!
  • Front-wheel drive also tends to help your Toyota get better traction when the roads are slippery. If you find yourself driving in wet or snowy conditions on a regular basis, then you might appreciate the better control that this drivetrain delivers.
  • Finding space to stow cargo in your ride is also a little bit easier if your vehicle has front-wheel drive. Since all the drivetrain mechanisms are located under the hood, there's more overall room to enjoy inside the car. 

Rear-wheel drive

  • With this drivetrain, your N Charlotte Toyota offers more acceleration because the power is coming from the rear wheels. This is part of what gives the much-loved 2014 Scion FR-S near Charlotte such a great driving performance. 
  • Also, vehicles that have rear-wheel drive tend to be a little bit more responsive because the front is easier to turn and maneuver. 
  • You might find yourself saving more on auto service too since cars that come with front-wheel drive can be a little bit easier and cheaper to get repaired. 

Want to experience the difference between rear-wheel and front-wheel drive for yourself? Come take one of the cars we have on our lot out for a test-drive! We're located at 13429 Statesville Rd! 


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