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The N Charlotte Scion FR-S is extremely affordable!

N Charlotte Scion FR-S N Charlotte Scion FR-S
new Scion FR-S for sale new Scion FR-S for sale

The new Scion FR-S near Charlotte is an extremely popular and surprisingly affordable vehicle! A new sports car may not immediately come to mind when drivers are looking for or thinking about taking home a new car from Toyota of N Charlotte. However, recent research shows that this vehicle is actually one of the more affordable options to own. This should be incredibly encouraging news to any driver who's interested in getting behind the wheel of a new two-door coupe!

Why take home the N Charlotte Scion FR-S? 

This new Scion has been a celebrated choice in the past for its incredible style and efficiency. Some of the awards and recognition it's received includes: 

  • Best of 2013 Award
  • Wards Ten Best Engines of 2013
  • Hottest Sports Compact at SEMA
  • New York Times Car of the Year
  • AutoExpress Performance Car of 2012

These awards are just a few that this new Scion near Charlotte has gotten. With an incredible history such as this backing it up, it's no wonder that many drivers would be tempted to automatically assume that they can't take home this sports car without compromising their budget. However, that's simply not the case! KBB took a closer look at this vehicle and found some surprising information about its cost of ownership.

New Scion FR-S is incredibly affordable!

KBB took the time to break down the actual costs of ownership of the new Scion FR-S. While its starting MSRP of $25,255 is already pretty affordable, some potential owners might be concerned that the overall price-tag of maintaining and owning this vehicle might be a little bit too high. When examining how much it would actually cost owners to take home and enjoy the N Charlotte Scion FR-S, KBB took the following factors into consideration: 

  • Financing: Financing costs were estimated to last for five years at a rate of about three percent. Of course, the length of time and finance rate will change from driver to driver. 
  • Mileage: Any car that a driver takes home will of course be enjoyed, which means that some mileage will be put on it. KBB estimates that about 15,000 miles a year will be put on this Scion. 
  • Personal costs: Out of pocket expenditures should be expected when it comes to owning a car. Elements such as insurance, auto service in N Charlotte, and other repairs will need to be taken care of. 
  • Depreciation: As much-loved as a vehicle may be, it won't maintain its value after it's been driven off the lot and around town. KBB took this factor into consideration when estimating the costs of ownership. 

After all was said and done, KBB estimated that this car would cost about $42,000 a year to own – that comes out to less than 60 cents a mile! 

Want to enjoy incredible transportation for a price that won't hurt your budget? The
new Scion FR-S in can easily meet this preference. Give us a call to find out more about what this vehicle has to offer by calling our Internet Sales Team at (888) 883-3797! 



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