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Legion Post once in danger of eviction, now happy in new home


They were veterans, about to be kicked out of their American Legion post with nowhere to go, until a WBTV story helped to win them a reprieve. 
The state had told members of the Samuel C. Hart American legion Post they had to move out, and only gave them a few weeks to go, and when the vets tried to appeal, they got nowhere.
Now they're in a new home, with a lot of work to be done in the next few days.

"We're going to have our reopening, grand reopening Halloween party the 26th, this coming Saturday," Vice Commander Chuck Morefield told WBTV.

But in April the veterans at the Samuel C. Hart American Legion Post on highway 29 in Salisbury were facing something a lot scarier than a Halloween party.  They were nearly evicted from their home.

"It was a long process dealing with the department of transportation, we actually come to the point where we were ready to throw our hands in the air," Morefield added.

To understand this, ride down Highway 29 to take a look at the old location.  Don't spend a lot of time, because that building is gone.

The vets were right in the middle of a new road and rail project.  The state wanted them out and the vets said no one would listen to their appeals for more time to find a new home, so they called WBTV.

Several other stories followed in other media outlets and pretty soon the state was hearing from folks, including State Representative Carl Ford, who wanted the vets to be given a little more time.

"Through publicity and all DOT gave us a 30 day extension," Morefield added.

That was enough time to find this place.  Bigger, newer, and only a short distance up the road from, well, what used to stand here. 

The veterans are happy, the state got what it wanted, but there for a while one of the oldest American Legion posts in North Carolina was nearly homeless.

"It means a lot just being veterans and having a little reprieve from this situation," Morefield said.

So now the post is preparing for a grand reopening on Saturday, and inviting veterans from all over to take part.

It's truly good news for a post organized in 1922 and named for a World War One hero.

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