Doctor charged with 1996 rape

We're just getting information about a doctor in Lincolnton, arrested on rape charges, for an alleged rape that happened 17 years ago.

Police say the victim was a patient of Dr. John E. Marshall in 1996 and the rape happened while the patient was being treated. We're working to get new details.

A scare at Charlotte-Douglas ends well, but a fright for passengers none-the-less.

Flight 2045 from Buffalo to Charlotte was held short of the terminal after someone found a threatening note onboard.

Passengers were de-planed onto the runway. Bomb sniffing dogs searched the cabin and baggage, but found nothing suspicious.

Yet, this comes on the heels of a US Airways Pilots' Union memo outlining what may have been a dry run by terrorists on a flight to Tampa. With that fresh concern, it's no wonder authorities acted swiftly and decisively during today's event that turned out to be inconclusive.

Reporter Steve Ohnesorge got hold of some surveillance of an armed robber chasing people through a convenience store. Wild stuff. Off camera, the crook fired four shots at a paper carrier.

And it's a very short turnaround week for the Panthers. Carolina's 2-game winning streak will be tested 72-hours from now against the winless Tampa Bay Bucs on Thursday night.

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