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First cold snap means check-up time for your heater, experts say

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The first cold temperatures of the season means you're probably going to crank up the heat sometime this week. But before you do that, ask yourself one question: when is the last time your heating system got a check-up?

Experts say regular maintenance is the key to preventing any problems.

Tory Moore, of Charlotte is serious about getting his heating system is regularly inspected before the cold temperatures set in for good.

"It was chilly in here [Monday] morning and I wasn't about to cut it on," he recalled. "Not until I had it check out for the safety of myself and my family."

Now Moore gets it checked once a year like clockwork. Especially after a scare several years ago where a crack in his heating system could have had deadly results.

"It was actually emitting carbon monoxide gas into the house," he said. "Although in trace amounts, it could have gotten potentially worse. And we wouldn't have had a clue."

Mark Dellinger, a technician for Morris Jenkins Heating and Air, hears those stories more times then he can remember. All problems, he believes can be prevented with proper maintenance.

"Not having maintenance is like trying to save money on your car by not changing the oil," he pointed out. "It just doesn't add up."

What does add up? Spending a little money now so you can rest easier once winter sets in.

"You can sleep well at your house and that everything is safe," said Dellinger.

Moore agrees and only has to remember his close call -- to know that a yearly check up is worth the money.

"That heat exchanger I had, that was quite an expensive repair," he said. "However, had I let it go -- well who know what would have happened."

Dellinger said it cost less than a hundred dollars for a yearly check up.

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