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Halloween can be difficult for police

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Halloween can be difficult for police-- trying to tell the bad guys from the real trick-or-treaters.

At the Shell Sam's Mart on I-85 and Glenwood Drive, a robber walked in wearing what looked like a home-made Halloween costume.

It was a puffy coat with a hood and a white cloth mask that covered most of his face. It was a frightful sight.

"It's at night, the clerk's alone, " said CMPD Detective Marty Cuthbertson. It's dark out there and the guy was wielding a gun."

He wasn't just wielding the silver revolver with wooden grips, he was pointing it right at the clerk.

"We see him with a gun, actually close to the clerk. Luckily that clerk was not injured, but it could have been real ugly."

The crook didn't get the demanded, but stole a cell phone from one of the clerks. He also fired off a shot before leaving. That bullet hit a cigarette display case behind the counter.

He then ran out of the store and headed up Glenwood towards North Hoskins Road.

From the surveillance pictures, police believe the crook is right handed, about 6-feet tall and 190 pounds.

If you know anything that could help catch him, call Crime Stoppers in Charlotte at (704) 332-1600. You won't have to leave your name and you could earn a reward.

And don't forget you can download the new Crime Stoppers app for your smart phone. You can get it free on our website, wbtv.com/crimestoppers.


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