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No safety signs outside of new school?


The Invest Collegiate Charter school has been up and running since this August and still no signage informing drivers there is a school present.

The school is located on Suttle Avenue. It goes from Kindergarten to sixth grade.

The street the school is on has trucks traveling everyday to make deliveries. It could be dangerous as students cross the street to go play.

Parents are concerned there are no signs and want to bring it up at the next school's parent meeting.

"The first thing I am going to tell them," Parent Jalpa Patel said. "That we need something, because I see them driving like crazy."

Patel says sometimes she has to talk to the drivers.

"Sometimes I say slow down." Patel said.

If you look on the street where the school is located, you see no speed limit signs, no crosswalk, nor school zone signs posted.

Charlotte Department of Transportation says it is up to the school to decide if they want signs in front of the school. Invest Collegiate Charter school leaders believe that signs aren't necessary.

"It really hasn't been on my radar," Invest Collegiate Charter School Director Dr. Antoinette Ellison said. "We haven't had a problem and I guess if we had a problem with the arrival and dismissal of our students then it would be a high priority."

School officials say they have talked to nearby businesses and told them about the school and things have worked out.

Parents say that is good but to give them peace of mind, they would prefer some signage.

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