Diaper drive benefiting single mothers

With only a part-time job as her source of income, single mother Sasha Watts is struggling to make ends meet.

"WIC was very helpful," said Watts.

The Charlotte resident relies on the federal nutrition supplemental program WIC to feed her nine month old son.

The state of North Carolina recently announced it would restore WIC with money left over from last year. But Watts hasn't received any new vouchers.

"I just used my last voucher Saturday," said Watts.

More than nine million moms and kids under five living near or below the poverty line rely on the program's supplemental vouchers for food and infant formula.

Without her WIC vouchers, Watts who works part time in a school cafeteria, doesn't know how she can afford the food or other necessities.

That's where Brenda Parsons, the founder of the small organization with a big heart, stepped in.

"We do a lot of volunteer work for the elderly or single moms," said the founder of Volunteer 2 Give.

After speaking with Charlotte moms having a hard time making ends meet and dealing with real effects of the government shutdown this month, Parsons decided to have a diaper and wipe drive.

"They may be working part time, some may be working full time but still don't have the means of purchasing pampers or wipes," added Parsons who understand Watt's hardships.

"My mom was a single mom after her husband passed and became a widower and then raised seven kids," said Parsons.

For now, it's a holding pattern for Watts until the government prints up and mails new WIC vouchers. But she says this extra help is a big relief.

"It's very good and very helpful because there are times when I'm not able."

The diaper and wipe drive will take place the entire month of October.

For more information on donation log on to www.volunteer2servengive.weebly.com

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