Hidden Valley resident gets big break on The Golf Channel

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Sports were a way for former Hidden Valley resident Will Lowery to dream of something more beyond his neighborhood.

But not coming from a wealthy background Will soon realized that talent alone wasn't going to get him noticed.

"As far as hidden valley and coming up, obviously it's a little different background."

What Will Lowery lacked in monetary wealth growing up in his urban community he more than made up for it with his intense competitive spirit and strong work ethic.

Ultimately his hard work paid off.

Two years ago Will appeared on the Golf Channel's reality show Big Break and now he's back for a second season.

But playing golf without a sponsor to help underwrite thousands of dollars in travel expenses and tour entry fees, Will's ability to compete in future tournaments may soon be in doubt.

"It's a constant fight everyday in trying fund raise for money and trying to get the appropriate things that you need just be successful," says Will.

In order to be successful Will says he had to quit his full time job as a banker and fully dedicate himself to the sport, a luxury he says most people who don't come from money can't afford.

"Oh it's very very expensive, very," said Will.

"Sometimes it may on a weekly basis you can probably end up spending around $1800 to $2000 in expenses before you even hit the first tbox."

Will says it isn't that minority golfers are rare, but they're not exactly abundant.

"Lack of funding because there's probably about four or five African American golfers in Charlotte alone who are out there traveling with me and they are close but it's just that we are all under that same umbrella, trying to find a buck to play," said Will.

A issue he hopes improves quickly and one that fuels his desire even more to make it to the PGA TOUR

Will is hoping to win first place and take home the $50,000 cash prize.

To catch him on the show tune in to the Golf Channel Tuesday nights a 9 p.m.

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