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Parents continue their fighting for more nurses


Charlotte-Mecklenburg School (CMS) parents are continuing their fight for school nurses. Right now there are 117 nurses who take care of about 145,000 CMS students. Some schools have nurses who only show up twice a week.  Parents say that is not good enough.

When nurses are absent other workers at the schools, like secretaries and teachers, administer medicine.

"She didn't sign up to do this," CMS Parent Amy Delmas said. "And the teachers didn't sign on to do this. They didn't go to nursing school they went to school to be teachers."

Parents fought last year and won half their battle.  Mecklenburg county commissioners allocated funding for 11 extra nurses and two administrators.  But they won't come on board until next year.  Parents want more fulltime nurses all year. Their strategy includes emailing, calling, and writing letters to the politicians to urge them to pay for more nurses.

"The money that they gave us was a great start," CMS Parent Marguerite Fourqurean said. "But we also increased the student population by about 3500 children, so we still have a 70 nurse gap we still have to fill."

Parents are warning if politicians don't provide funding for more nurses, they will remember them when it's time for elections.

"We are their constituents," CMS Parent Terri Saurer said.  "They work for us and we need to let them know what issues we want them to support."

County commission Vice Chair Kim Ratliff says funding nurses will be her top priority and will try to convince her colleagues to feel the same way.

"If we can get more school nurses to handle those issues right on the onset," Ratliff said. "Then that would reduce a lot of the family issues and lot of sicknesses occurring unnecessarily."

Parents have met and they will continue to come together until more nurses are added to schools.

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