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Report: Teen student stole food, drinks from football stadium concession stand


A West Rowan High School student faces felony charges after he was caught with a bag full of food and drinks that he stole from the high school's football stadium concession stand.

According to a report, school resource officer Deputy Walker saw the student leaving the football stadium on Tuesday. When he asked the student what he was doing there, the student replied that he had left his gym bag and went back to get it.

When asked his name, the student replied "Darius Jackson," according to the report, and when asked for the name of his teacher he said he didn't know.

The deputy called for an assistant principal.  

The principal then asked the name and the student reportedly refused to answer.

When the deputy told the student to put his bag on the hood of the patrol car, the student refused, according to the report.

After more conversation, the student admitted that his name was Darius Tumblin.  When the bag was searched, the deputy found $169 worth of food and drinks.  

Tumblin then admitted taking the items from the concession stand.

The items were put back in the stand and Tumblin was charged with felony breaking and entering, felony larceny, and possession of stolen goods.

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