With new center opening, doctors promise new hope for those who struggle to have a baby

Good morning! It's Wednesday, October 9. This is Kristen Miranda filling in for Christine Nelson today. I wanted to send you a quick email from the WBTV newsroom to give you an idea of what our producers have been working on all night.

We're LOOKING AHEAD to a public memorial service today for the six victims from the Statesville church killed in that bus wreck in Tennessee. Cam Man Ron Lee is live at Front Street Baptist Church this morning.

A strange murder case comes to a sad end. A woman killed - her body dismembered - and now the man police say did it - is found dead too. We'll update you on the case.

It was election day in Monroe yesterday and the numbers are in. We now know who will be the next mayor.

Astrid Martinez is looking at a new center opening for families looking to conceive. Why doctors say the reproductive medicine and infertility center in Carolinas HealthCare System will give families a better shot at having a baby.

Plus, pictures of a foiled bank robbery that you have to see, and a Halloween display that is getting so much attention it has landed a woman in court.

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