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WBTV Speak Out Editorial Responses: Freedom of Religion

The following is a response to a recent Speak Out editorial. The views expressed are solely those of the speaker.

As we anticipated, our recent editorial on prayer before government meetings drew some passionate responses…on both sides of the issue.

Don Reese says

"Unfortunately, we have become a country that believes in ‘Freedom from Religion' instead of one that the Constitution talks about, ‘Freedom of Religion.'"

J.P. writes that

"…although our country welcomes all people, we should not turn our back on the reason our nation has been able to be successful – God's blessings have kept us unified as one."

And Robert Amstadt says,

"Thank you for your editorial advocating 1st Amendment Rights at town meetings.

In this age when freedom of religion is under attack, it is refreshing to hear a secular media source being so open-minded."

K. C. Green couldn't disagree more:

"How bogus can you get?

Christianity and all other religions would never have existed had our early ancestors understood meteorology and astrophysics.

It's time to stop this nonsense of legitimizing faith… particularly in a public forum."

And Mr. Bolick writes:

"I do not share your feelings on prayer in public places, schools or in any government proceedings.

Tradition doesn't make it right."

We thank you all for sharing your opinions with us.

Tell us what YOU think. SpeakOut@wbtv.com


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