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Mark Sanford lets citizens voice opinions at town hall meeting

Mark Sanford holds town hall meeting to let citizens voice their opinions. Mark Sanford holds town hall meeting to let citizens voice their opinions.

Some of the citizens in the Lowcountry had some strong words for congressional leaders, and they used Congressman Mark Sanford's town hall meeting to voice their frustration.

Tom Fressilli drove two hours from Charleston, and while he was certainly amongst the majority who are upset with government, he was one of few who went against Congressman Mark Sanford and his Republican colleagues. 

"He seemed to harp on the affordable care act," said Fressilli, speaking about Sanford. "I think he seen some of the polls that show that most Americans, particularly those that don't have insurance want that to move forward. I feel like he should have spent more time helping to promote and to make the legislation better."

Sanford said the shutdown isn't just about the affordable health care act. He said the bigger issue is spending.

A Republican and veteran, Fressilli supports the Affordable Care Act, and he's disappointed in his party members' efforts to stop it.

"I think it regulates the industry, and brings it more under control and inline and it covers 30 million Americans who don't have health care," he said.

He, like many who attended the meeting, say the back and forth going in Washington is destroying this country.

"These folks just seem to genuinely dislike each other and you're going givens up with chaos and this mess like we have going on now," said Fressilli.

"I think this demonstrates a total dysfunctional government," said Don Kennedy. "If they can't do the job of passing a budget, it seems to me that they can't do any job."

The previous shutdown was 17 years ago and it lasted more 20 days. Sanford said this one could be longer.

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