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Parents asking when will Head Start reopen

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Eight Head Start Centers are closed throughout South Carolina because of the federal government shut down. Centers in Union, York, Lancaster, and Chester counties are all impacted.

The shut down is causing relatives to step up and watch the kids.

Sandra Vaughn is now forced to watch her grandkids all day. She would rather both of them be in Head Start learning. She claims the program makes a difference for her grandson.

"He had like a speech problem," the grandmother said. "So they were going to keep him another year to try to help him, so he can be prepared for public school."

Head Start programs help low income families prepare their three and four year olds for kindergarten. On the first day of the Head Start shutdown in South Carolina, Vaughn's grandkids didn't do much.

"They kind of played," Vaughn said. "And we picked up my cousin and took them home."

The grandmother says that routine will soon change.

"We are going to have to try find some other method," Vaughn said. "Like go to the library so they won't get further behind."

Administrators are concerned what this shutdown will mean for students.

"It's ridiculous," Carolina Community Agency, Inc. Executive Director said. "It's unprecedented. I just wish they can decide. Congress decide something and get us going again. It is really tough."

Parents are now calling the Head Start Center asking when will the center open again.

"As soon as we know," Head Start Director Linnie Miller said. "We'll let you know.".

Educators say guardians should go over exercises with the students while they are not in Head Start. They recommend reading to the student, having the students spell their name, and count to help fill the void.

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