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October reminds you to get auto service in Charlotte!

Charlotte auto service Charlotte auto service
fall car maintenance in NC fall car maintenance in NC

October is Fall Car Care Month, which is a reminder to bring your vehicle to our Toyota Service Center! This is the perfect time to start preparing with auto service in Charlotte for the harsh winter weather ahead. Cold weather can have a negative effect on your vehicle, which is why you should be sure everything is working and in place before driving it this winter. Although Fall Car Care Month is coming to a close, it's never too late to get auto service in Charlotte!

Winterize your vehicle with Charlotte auto service

If you want to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape and make sure it can get you through the new season, let the professionals at our Toyota Service Center help. We can winterize your car, so you can welcome the winter weather without any worry! Here are some of the services we offer to help get your vehicle ready:

  • Oil change: It's always important to keep up with your oil change in Charlotte. Luckily, we make this easy at our Toyota Service Center. However, one thing to keep in mind is that cold weather can cause oil to thicken, which is why you should be aware of which oil your vehicle needs in different climates. This information can be found in your owner's manual or you can ask our professional technicians for help.
  • Tire inspection: Think about it, tires are the only connection between your vehicle and the ground. This makes it extremely important to take care of your tires. You should have your tires inspected by our professionals to confirm they have enough tread to keep traction. We can also check your auto tires in Charlotte to make certain they have the correct amount of air pressure.
  • Ensure visibility: Visibility is important when dealing with rain, snow and frost. This is why we can replace your windshield wipers if necessary and fill your windshield washer fluid. We can also check to make sure your defroster is in working condition, so you can have a clear view this winter.
  • Battery check: Cold weather is not good for your battery, which is why it needs to be checked to make certain it has enough charge to get you through the winter. Your battery can only be checked with professional equipment, which is why you should bring your vehicle to our auto service center in Charlotte and let our technicians take a look!

Visit our Toyota Service Center for your fall auto service

Our Toyota Service Center in Charlotte makes getting your fall auto service easy. All you have to do is bring your vehicle in and let us do the work. We can take care of any auto service you need and you can even find parts like auto tires, batteries and windshield wipers available at affordable prices.

Visit our service center today at 13429 Statesville Rd. We're located right off I-77 on exit 23 in Huntersville. You can schedule an appointment on our website or call
(888) 378-1214. Don't forget to ask about our service specials for a great deal!


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