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Toyota dealership shares how to store your new Scion for winter!

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Winter is on its way and if you're planning on storing your vehicle this season, you're going to want to do it the right way. Our new Scion near Charlotte are meant to drive year-round; however, many people who drive sports cars, such as the N Charlotte Scion tC or Scion FR-S, like to store their cars to avoid the harsh winter driving conditions. Our Toyota Service Center in N Charlotte can help you get your new Scion ready for the long winter with auto service. We're also sharing tips for how to prepare your vehicle for winter storage.

Toyota Service Center helps prepare your new Scion for storage

If you've ever stored your car for the winter or any long period of time, you know how important it is to take all of the necessary precautions with auto service in N Charlotte. Without preparing your vehicle, long-term storage can cause mechanical damage. To avoid all of this, we're sharing steps to take to ensure safe storage this winter:

  • One of the most important steps to ensuring proper storage is to maintenance your vehicle's fluids such as gasoline, oil, and coolant. You can protect your engine by filling your fuel tank to avoid condensation in your tank and add a gasoline stabilizer to keep the fluid from thickening. You should also change your oil, as old and dirty oil can become corrosive over time. We suggest bringing your new Scion to our Toyota Service Center for a quick oil change in N Charlotte. Lastly, fill your coolant and add a corrosion inhibitor to protect your cooling system.
  • If you want your vehicle to start up after a long winter, you need to keep the battery charged. To ensure your vehicle is turn-key ready, use a battery management system, which can charge your battery on its own. This will prevent you from buying a new battery if yours dies.
  • Maintaining your tires is also extremely important, as tires can become deflated and form flat spots when sitting for long periods of time. To prevent this from happening, fill your tires with the correct amount of air pressure and place your new Scion on jack stands.
  • Finally, you should clean your new Scion inside and out before storing it. Clean the inside to ensure there's no food that can rot or attract bugs. Then, clean the exterior to remove the dirt and finish it with wax. This will help keep your exterior paint intact. You can also use a car cover for even more protection – especially if you're storing it outside!


Visit our auto service center in N Charlotte today!

Need help? Bring your vehicle to our auto service center in N Charlotte today and let our professional technicians do the work for you! We're located right off I-77 on exit 23. Give our Toyota Service Center a call at (888) 378-1214 and schedule an appointment for auto service today! Don't forget to ask about our service specials to save some extra money.

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