TS Karen: Expect rain, wind and lightning this morning

Good morning! It's Monday, October 7. This is Christine Nelson sending you a quick email from the WBTV newsroom. We're on the air live right now and streaming on the web until 7 a.m. Go to wbtv.com/live to watch on your cellphone or tablet.

TEAM COVERAGE: Tropical Storm Karen is not fading away quietly. There have already been severe thunderstorm warnings for multiple counties in our viewing area. We're tracking her every step this morning with team coverage from our first alert weather team and WBTV's Cam Man Ron Lee. Tune in for the most reliable updates every 10 minutes. Ron will bring us live pictures of the weather conditions outdoors.

Also, an emotional Sunday for the Statesville church where six of its member were killed in that bus crash in Tennessee. We'll show you how the congregation remembered them.

Plus, coming off another Sunday loss, there are rumors the Panthers are initiated groundwork to find a new head coach! Is Ron Rivera out? We'll tell you how Panthers GM Dave Gettleman is responding to the claims.

Got the sneezes and sniffles? Allergy season is at its peak and doctors are saying this season is different than previous ones. WBTV's Astrid Martinez found out how which may clue you why you're having symptoms.

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