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Parents upset about proposed cell phone tower on elementary school campus


Some Charlotte - Mecklenburg school (CMS) parents are speaking out against a cell phone tower that's proposed to go on the campus of Elizabeth Lane Elementary School.

"I question having it on school property," Parent Nancy Bradley said. "And that close to the playground."

Bradley believes a 120 foot cell phone tower on a school campus will be unsafe for students.

"The fall zone actually falls on the playground," the parent said. "And the field area."

And she is worried once the tower is complete, the fence that will be built around it would be too inviting for students.

"A child who is willing," Bradley said. And one who has been dared will try to climb and it is a huge risk."

Right now CMS has a cell phone tower on the campuses of J.M. Robinson Middle School, Quail Hollow Middle School, and Providence High school.

Another tower has been approved to go on Myers Park High School's campus.

The district gets $50,000 a year for each tower. The money goes toward CMS' capital improvements.

"I feel the risks outweighs the reward." the mother said.

Not all parents are against the tower. Matt Genett's kids will soon go to Elizabeth Lane ES. He is aware of the health risks some claim are associated with cell phone towers but he is not alarmed.

"We're surrounded by radiation all the time," Genett said. "I don't think having a cell phone tower will make a significant impact."

Matthews town council will have to approve the tower first before it gets built. There is a public hearing on this matter on November 11th. Bradley is making sure the politicians are aware of parents' concerns.

"I encourage other parents," Bradley said. "If they feel strongly about it - to please let the town know this is something we don't want."

Matthews town leaders and CMS say it's too early to comment on this matter.

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