WEB EXTRA: 911 call from Sergio Huerta's death

The following is a transcript of a 911 call that took place on Sunday, April 25, 2004 at 7:41 p.m.


OPERATOR:      911, what is your emergency

CALLER: um, somebody just got stabbed….and he's on the floor..um.

OPERATOR:     Do you need paramedics?


[Background …leave already, leave…leave, leave]

OPERATOR:    Are they still…is the person that stabbed him is he still there?

CALLER: No he left.

OPERATOR:     Do you know who this was?


OPERATOR:    Do you know who the person was that stabbed him?

CALLER: Could you please just hurry up, cause he's on the floor unconscious.

OPERATOR:   Okay, I need for you to stay on the line okay?  Where are you at right now?

[Caller to background: Yes, yes, that's what he stabbed him with, that's what he stabbed him with…..step on it, step on it] [UI

[0:38 UI-Male in background]

OPERATOR:    Ma'am

OPERATOR:    Ma'am, where is the person that stabbed him.

CALLER: He left, he left.

[Background -UI]

OPERATOR:    who is the person that stabbed him or what did he look like and what was he wearing?

CALLER: Um, I don't know I just seen him, I just seen my nephew, cause it's my nephew…I just seen him on the floor.  He's unconscious , can you please just hurry up.

OPERATOR:    Okay, who is the person that stabbed him?

CALLER:  I don't know that, I don't that.

OPERATOR:    Did you see the pers—did you see him get stabbed?

CALLER: No, I just seen him on the floor with a stab wound on his chest.

[Background -UI]

OPERATOR:    You didn't see the person that stabbed him?

CALLER: No, I didn't see, I just seen him on the floor, on the floor already.

OPERATOR:    Okay, who was there that seen everything?

CALLER: Um, I don't know, I just got here.

OPERATOR:    How old is your nephew?

CALLER: He's 21.

OPERATOR:    Is he breathing right now?

C:Um,  [to background] Is he breathing? Check if he's breathing.

Caller to Operator:   He's breathing but he's unconscious.  You need to hurry up cause he's purple and he's all these different colors.

OPERATOR:    to background: He's male Hispanic

CALLER: [to background] They're coming, they're coming.  I see them coming.


OPERATOR:    Where is…Ma'am, ma'am. Let me talk to somebody that seen what was going on please.

CALLER: I don't think anyone there's anybody here that seen anything.

OPERATOR:    He was outside by himself, or.


OPERATOR:    He wasn't out there with anybody?

CALLER: No, he just got in fight with some guys I guess, and the guys left.

CALLER: Hurry… Hurry.

OPERATOR:    What direction was he running in?

CALLER: I don't, I do not know that, I just went inside my house and---

OPERATOR:    You didn't see anybody?

OPERATOR:    Ma'am, you didn't see anybody?


OPERATOR:    Okay ma'am, talk…talk to the deputies.

[3:00] Caller to deputies: My nephew, my nephew got stabbed….[OV-UI].  He left, I don't know, he left