Deputies: Balloon of drugs found inside teen during jail strip search

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - A Kannapolis teenager is facing additional charges after deputies say they found a balloon of drugs in his rectum during a strip search in jail.

According to the Rowan County Sheriff's Office, 19-year-old Brandon Lee Rumple, who has an extensive criminal history, was found with controlled substances hidden in his rectum area when he was placed in the Rowan County Detention Center.

Rumple had his probation revoked in Rowan County Superior Court and was brought to the Detention Center for processing on Tuesday.

Once in the facility, Rumple was informed that he would be strip searched. Rumple refused, but eventually agreed to surrender to authorities what he was carrying.

Rumple removed a balloon from his rectum area.

Rumple was questioned about the contents of the balloon and he readily admitted that it was Xanax and Suboxone strips, both controlled substances.

Xanax is a drug used to treat anxiety and panic, while Suboxone is used to treat Opioid dependency.

Rumple asked a sheriff's office investigator if he would be charged with possess with intent to distribute the Soboxone, since each strip was in an individual bag.

At this point, investigators had not seen the contents of the balloon, but later discovered that the balloon contained (6) broken tablets of Xanax and (11) Suboxone strips, each in an individual bag.

Rumple was transferred to the North Carolina Department of Corrections and will be charged with possess with intent to distribute Soboxone and possession of controlled substances in a local confinement facility, both felonies.

Rumple has numerous charges pending in Rowan and Cabarrus Counties, including an incident from June, when witnesses said Rumple fired a .380 handgun at two people during a dispute along Carter Street.

Shell casings were recovered from the scene and the gun was seized from a safe inside the residence.

In a follow up to that incident, on July 2, 2013, Rowan authorities executed a search warrant at the residence and arrested Rumple in connection to the incident with the handgun and charged Rumple with possession of firearm by felon.

At that time, Rumple was placed under a $50,000 secured bond, and his bond was revoked from a previous probation violation.

Brandon Rumple is pending heroin trafficking charges in Cabarrus County Superior Court from an arrest in Cabarrus County on April 19, 2012, in which over 200 grams of heroin was seized during a search of a residence at 3606 Mill Cove Circle, Apartment 207 in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Also, on October 1, 2012, Rumple was charged in another incident in Rowan County, when he was arrested at the Rowan Recycling Center at 1455 Julian Road in Salisbury, North Carolina, while working community service.

In this incident, Rumple attempted to discard 6.7 grams of heroin in a Porta-Jon at the facility after deputies received a report of a drug sale involving someone matching Rumple's description at the location. An additional 3.7 grams of Methadone and $415 in United States currency were found in Rumple's possession.

Rumple was charged with trafficking heroin in this incident, as well, and is also pending trial in Rowan County Superior Court.

Rumple was convicted on January 20, 2012, in Cabarrus County Superior Court of delivery of a Schedule I controlled substance.