Mother of murder victim hopes for new leads

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - When Wilma Yount visits the place where her son Eddie Greene was killed, there isn't much to see.

What used to be an apartment complex, and a driveway in which his body was found inside his still-running van, is gone.  It has been torn down.

Still the place brings her back to that night five years ago, on October 3, 2008, when she got the call from police.

"It just feels like your insides are ripped out.  Your heart is gone.  It still feels that way all these years later.  It is gone," Yount said.

Greene was shot on a Friday, payday, and his sister thinks that has something to do with his death.

"I believe somebody got greedy and thought he had money.  I think it was a robbery and it went bad," said Stacy Igo.

Police haven't said that yet but they do say they have leads and even persons of interest in mind.

"We are so close.  We just need a little bit more.  I don't tire easily or stop easily so we're going to keep working this," said Sgt. Scott Pitts with the Longview Police Department.

"Somebody knows something.  I've been told it is not a cold case.  I want to continue to remind people about Eddie and hope that someone comes forward.  They're going to make an arrest, it is just a matter of time," said Yount.

Anyone with information about the murder of Eddie Greene is asked to call the Longview Police Department at (828) 327-2343.

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