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Clemson University researchers dig into social media posts on shutdown


In Daniel Hall on the campus of Clemson University there is a very unique lab.

Researchers there aren't conducting the traditional type of experiments you might think would be done in a lab.

These researchers are watching dozens and dozens of social media outlets.

This week inside the Social Media Listening Center (SMLC) at Clemson they're digging deep into what people are saying on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs and traditional media about the government shutdown.

"I've been working in this lab since January of 2011 and I have never seen so much negative sentiment about a topic," said Dr. Joseph Mazer with Clemson University.

At one point Wednesday the research team tracked 7 million tweets related to the shutdown, the offices closed, and workers not being paid.

The graphics projected on screens along the wall show the top 50 most-used words used when posting about the topic.  There is also an indicator that shows the overall sentiment of the posts.

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