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Woman describes brutal attack, husband arrested


A Union County woman who was allegedly stabbed multiple times by her husband is awake, talking, and giving investigators more information about what led to the attack.

The Union County Sheriff's Office says Elizabeth Neeley told investigators she and her husband were arguing in their bedroom around midnight Tuesday.

According to Neeley, the argument got out control. She told detectives her husband - Thomas Neeley - went to the kitchen, got a butcher knife, returned to the bedroom and allegedly began stabbing her.  

Investigators say Elizabeth Neeley had 7-to-8 stab wounds. They say she was weak and incapacitated, and that Thomas Neeley allegedly kept her confined in the bedroom.

For seven hours Elizabeth Neeley endured the pain. No one knew she was in trouble - until she called 911 around 7 O'clock Tuesday morning. Investigators say that's when her husband left the house.

When the 911 operator answered, Elizabeth Neeley said "I've been stabbed several times. Please help me."

Operators dispatched deputies to the call on Sturdivant Landing Drive, and stayed on the phone with the victim until emergency workers arrived at the house.

During the 911 call, Elizabeth tells the operator her husband did it. 

The operator tells her "I'm getting help on the way, ok. Where is your husband now?"

Neeley responds "he just left. I'm in the back.. I can't."

The operator says "that's fine. Stay where you are. I'm sending help. Just stay where you are."

Neighbors say they had no idea there was a nightmare unfolding.

"For the most part everything had been quiet and we hadn't heard anything" said Crystal Lane, who lives in the house next door.

The 911 operator tries to get more information, asking the victim "when did this happen?" Elizabeth Neeley responds "I don't know – maybe between 11 and 12."

She was wounded and helpless throughout the overnight hours.

"My stomach is hanging out" she tells the operator.

Investigators say the victim's children were asleep when the attack happened but were not home when police arrived.

In addition to attempted murder, 35 year old Thomas Neeley has been charged with felonious assault and kidnapping.

"Basically because he didn't let her leave the residence. He was keeping her in the residence" says Captain Ronnie Whitaker, of Union County Sheriff's Department. "He refused to let her leave. He refused to let her call for help while he was there."

The victim apparently called for help when Neeley eventually left the house.

Investigators say Neeley was arrested a short time later in Rock Hill. 

A spokesperson for the York County Sheriff's Department says deputies recognized Neeley's vehicle after a description went out to law enforcement. Investigators say deputies arrested Neeley in a Walmart parking lot - without incident.

Neeley has been transported back to Union County jail.

According to North Carolina's Department of Corrections' web site, Neeley's criminal history dates back to 1996.. and his cases range from breaking and entering to kidnapping.  

The Union County Sheriff's Department tells WBTV there is no active domestic violence order against Neeley in Union County.

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