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Life after a preventative double mastectomy


Amy Mayor is getting breast implants, but it's not just for cosmetic reasons.

"It's been a great process for me," says Amy.

"They put the expanders in so I woke up with those in."

She's in the process of reconstruction surgery after a double mastectomy.

"I did all of this preventively my mom had cancer and was diagnosed at 32 and then passed at 36," added Amy. "It wasn't worth the stress of every six months having to wait for results from a biopsy or really fearing my whole life when I was going to get it."

The surgeries have changed her life.

"As part of that decision, of course, a woman wants to know what she can look like afterwards," says Amy's breast reconstruction specialist Dr. Garrett Harper with Charlotte Plastic Surgery.

"We discussed those options, went over surgical techniques. The goal is for them to not only be cancer free or never have to worry about cancer but it's to make them look more beautiful," said Dr. Harper.

Amy opted for the surgery after a screening revealed two lumps.

She explained, "So I had both biopsied…The first biopsy was just awful because they hit a vessel and it was like three hours of bleeding. The second one they said that it was probably an aggressive tumor."

Even though the results were benign the relief that came with the surgery is helping her feel whole again.

"I mean I don't have to worry about ever getting breast cancer," said Amy. 

She did go through genetic screening which found that she was not BRCA carrier. But Dr. Harper says that doesn't mean Amy doesn't have a genetic link to breast cancer.

Amy will be finished with her reconstruction surgery by November.

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