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Teams gather on football field to pray for teen with cancer


A local high school, and community, are pulling together after a teenager was diagnosed with cancer.
Sixteen-year-old Dalton Edwards, a junior at West Iredell High School where he plays football, was diagnosed with liver cancer on Friday. 

A few hours later he told his friends on the football team at West Iredell High School. That night, West Iredell took on North Iredell on the field.

Both teams took the field together, ignored the rivalry, surrounded Dalton and prayed over him.

He couldn't play that night, but number 33 was still on the field. His friend put the jersey on and scored a touchdown.

"It was the most touching event I have ever witnessed," Dalton's mom, Geri, said. "In mere hours, his school, football and soccer teams rallied together."

On social media, friends and supporters used the words "magical" and "inspirational" to describe what they witnessed.

Geri says her son is handling the diagnosis as well as possible. She says he's ready to fight but nervous about Wednesday.

Dalton is having surgery Wednesday at Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte.

Doctors at Levine Cancer Center hope to remove the cancerous mass and save as much of the liver as possible. Edwards says a liver transplant team will be on stand-by.

The hashtag, #PrayForDalton, is already popular on Twitter and his friends are creating a Facebook page.

His mom says "we want to storm heaven with prayers." Whether or not you know her son, she invites you to join in.
WBTV's Molly Grantham asked Geri if there was any sign Dalton was sick. So often a pediatric cancer diagnosis comes out of nowhere. It was definitely that way for Dalton.

His mom took him to the orthodontist to get prepped for braces 20 days ago. Orthodontist said he needed to see an oral surgeon.

The oral surgeon took his blood pressure and it was high, so the surgeon sent him for a normal check up.

At his check-up, Dalton's pediatrician referred him to a nephrologist, who ordered a CT scan which showed a mass in his liver.
They saw an oncologist on Friday who diagnosed Dalton with liver cancer.
"Dalton is so brave," his mom says. "I couldn't ask for a stronger child. We will get through this."

Dawn Creason with Iredell County Schools says Dalton is an amazing young man with a strong faith. She says Wednesday will be a special day across the school district.

Lots of people say they will wear Dalton's favorite color -- Carolina Blue -- to school on Wednesday to show support.

"He's the best guy around," a person that knows Dalton wrote to Molly  "We all support him so much. I've seen your Facebook posts. But now that it's hitting home in our high school it seems much more real."

There are also twitter and facebook pages aimed at showing support and sharing positive stories about Dalton. Go to #prayfordalton to read comments and get updates.

September has been Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month.

So wear Carolina Blue on Wednesday and send a good thought to Dalton whether you know him or not. Share his story.
And Dalton -- hang in there. We are thinking of you. Sounds like you are hugely loved.

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