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Toyota of N Charlotte shares car seat safety tips

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Staying safe on the road involves more than the latest safety features in a vehicle. It also requires the driver to practice safe driving habits. While many new Toyota near Charlotte are now equipped with some of the latest safety features, they can't substitute smart and secure decisions that are made behind the wheel. At Toyota of N Charlotte, we want to make sure that drivers have all the tools and knowledge they need in order to arrive at their next destination safely. For many people that might just mean making sure they fasten their seatbelt as soon as they inside the car. However, a little bit more effort and attention to detail is required to keep younger occupants safe. 

Keep children safe in your new Toyota near Charlotte

When it comes to keeping young children safe in the car, many factors must be considered. While it's true that each new Toyota near Charlotte is equipped with the Toyota Star Safety System, more than this must be used for younger children. One tool in particular that's been proven to keep younger children safe is a car seat. However, with so many different options available to choose from, deciding on just one can sometimes pose a little bit of a challenge. Here are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for a car seat to use in your new Toyota near Charlotte. 

  • Rear-facing car seat: Babies that are 12 months old or more should ride in a car seat that's rear-facing. Why? They're specifically designed to move with the child and to reduce injury to the neck or spinal cord if a collision occurs. It's generally recommended to keep children in rear-facing car seats as long as possible, and until they've grown out of it. This normally happens when they reach a weight between 22-35 pounds. 
  • Forward-facing car seat: Once a rear-facing car seat is no longer suitable for your young child, it might be time to get a forward-facing one. What's the benefit of this choice? The harness helps limit forward movement – much like a seat-belt – in the event of a car accident. This seat is normally used for children between the ages of one and three. 
  • Booster seat: Booster seats are normally the last type of car seat to be used before a child only uses the seat-belt. This seat is best for children between the ages of four and seven, and helps position the child so that the seat belt fits properly. 

Keep everyone safe in a new Toyota near Charlotte!

Want to make sure you're getting a vehicle that will work to keep everyone safe and secure? Feel free to call our Internet Sales Team at (888) 883-3797 with any questions you may have about the vehicles that are available on our lot. 

If you're ready to start checking out different transportation options, it's clear that there are many different models to choose from. Simply stop by and see us at 13429 Statesville Road to take a closer look at the new cars on our lot and find out which one is best-suited for you and your young passengers!


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