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Police trying to find Bruns Elementary burglars

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Police are trying to figure out who broke into Bruns Elementary School over the weekend.

According to a police report, the burglars got away with seven mini laptops and two MP3 players. A classroom projector was also stolen.

In total, thousands of dollars worth of equipment is gone.

"I couldn't believe that someone would come into a school," Bruns Academy Assistant Principal Erik Turner said. "And do this to our students and to our school community. I was really disappointed."

Turner told WBTV the thieves cut through the roof of the modular unit to gain entry.  After they got in - they went from classroom to classroom, breaking down doors - looking for computers to steal.

Fifth grade teacher Erin Lindsay's classroom was ransacked.

"They took everything off the shelves," Lindsay said. "The blinds were all messed up. They threw it all over the floor. They took the laptop."

School officials are now looking at ways to beef up security for the modular unit at Bruns.

"We've put in a request for additional lighting," Turner said. "Now we don't have motion sensors or motion lighting and  that's a request we put in. We've also put in a request for a particular alarm for this area."

They are also asking the community to report any suspicious activity around the school.

Turner believes teenagers didn't do this crime.  It appears the thieves knew what to steal.  They were many computers out in the open but were left untouched.  Here's the reason why.

"Those laptops have trackers in them that we can trace." Turner said.

The culprits may have known that.  While police look for the criminals, students are using this experience that will teach them a life lesson.

"Some of our students have written letters and cards about not feeling safe," Turner said. "And have used this to talk about character. There are letters students wrote to me that people who did this - did not perpetrate character."

School officials say the items stolen were insured. No word yet how long students will have to go without having that extra technology in their classrooms.

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