Parsons meet with investigators, have fingerprints taken

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - Casey and Sandy Parsons met with investigators in Rowan County on Thursday.

The Parsons have been the center of attention for weeks after it was discovered that their adopted daughter, Erica, had been missing for more than two years.

It is unclear what was discussed but WBTV's David Whisenant reports the two were fingerprinted.

"FBI and the Sheriff's Office were both there," said family attorney Carlyle Sherrill. "Not an intensive interview, just a few brief questions."

Sherrill told WBTV that the Parsons believe Erica Parsons birth mother Carolyn is still key to finding their missing adopted daughter.

"Obviously the last person seen with Erica was this person known as Nan," Sherrill said. "In their discussions with Nan they had been told by Nan that they had learned all the background, all of their family history,everyone's name, from Carolyn Parsons, so that, you know, Carolyn Parsons, if anyone knows who Nan is, Carolyn Parsons would be where to look."

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