Operation Dark Night nets three local men in a sex trafficking roundup

Good morning! It is Thursday, September 26th, and this is Kristen Miranda filling in for John Carter today. While Christine is getting ready to start the news at 4:30am, I wanted to take a second to send you this note to let you know about the stories we'll be bringing you this morning.

Astrid Martinez is gathering information for you on a developing story about an international sex trafficking ring that centered in the southeast. Three men from our area are accused of being tied to this ring that brought women from Central and South America to the US, some to the Queen City, and forced them into the sex trade. The details of what these women experienced certainly are shocking and Astrid will tell us what she knows.

The Cleveland County Fair starts today and there is a new emphasis on safety. You'll recall last year a two year old boy died and two others became ill when they got e-coli from the petting zoo. Cam Man Ron Lee will tell us what changes will be in place to make sure all visitors stay healthy.

Community members have come up with a really touching way to remember two young children from Lincoln County who died in a trench collapse.

And could a certificate program be a better option for you than a four-year degree? It turns out in some cases, and we'll tell you which, a two-year degree could earn you more money!

Plus if you're a bit of a Twitter addict (like me!) there's a big change coming to the service you'll want to hear about.

Tonya and Al are here with your first alert weather and traffic every 10 minutes, too - so we'll all see you when you wake up and tune in!