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NC DMV examiner brings big smiles to office


In an industry where some can go their whole career without getting a customer compliment, Pam Patterson has received 5 in 2013 alone.

"I am just a fan of young people and so they are just my heart," said Patterson about what she loves most about her job. She's been a driver's license examiner for 9 years and still remembers the day she got the call she got the job. "I praised God really, really hard that day."

We met up with her on Wednesday morning at the Monroe Driver's License office of the DMV. The district supervisor and Pam's boss, Joe Franze, says she is known for her hard work and dedication to safely delivering driving tests and exams. But Franze and her customers agree, her smile sets people at ease.

We attempted to video of a driving test with a person off the street, but none showed up. I volunteered to take a "mock" test.

You have to see the video to see how awesome Pam is and why people actually request her when they come to the DMV.

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