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Family says teen arrested after mistaken identity

Milton Dunlap, 18, claims mistaken identity after breaking and entering arrest Milton Dunlap, 18, claims mistaken identity after breaking and entering arrest

Police arrested five people on Tuesday afternoon after a high speed chase through Charlotte, but one of those suspects claims he had nothing to do with it.
Eighteen-year-old Milton Dunlap says he can prove it.
Dunlap says he was at home all day Tuesday with his family.

The chase ended in Dunlap's neighborhood, but the teen claims he's never met the other four people facing charges in the case.
His mother Kim Richardson is leading the charge to get the courts to listen.

"It's a nightmare; I hate this for him because he's never been in any trouble," she said. "He doesn't know anything about the law."

All of that changed on Tuesday afternoon, when Tre' - as he's called - was rounded up with a group near his home that was accused of breaking into houses and leading police on a high speed chase.
Christopher May is the family's attorney.

He said, "It's way too early on. No evidence has been presented."

The evidence supporting Dunlap came from friends and family members who had a series of texts and emails.

One went to his mother and saying there were cops all over the house and another included a photo with the message.

"Swat truck in my neighbor's house," he said in the photo.

So how did he end up in police custody?
Here's the account from his.
" He went to go get gas," his  sister, Tamia Richardson, said. "The police came and wouldn't let him through. He went to get gas, and they told me, and my daddy and him to come out."
"A trooper from Highway Patrol identified Milton Dunlap as an occupant of the vehicle," a statement from Charlotte police said. "The trooper observed Dunlap jump from the vehicle and run into a nearby home.  A CMPD officer also observed Milton Dunlap run into the home.  Dunlap was arrested a short time later."

He doesn't have any priors and a resume that includes appearances in two movies and one local play.

His mother Kim Richardson just wants her son's good name back.

"Mistakes happen. I would just like an apology and for this to be rectified," she said.

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