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Neighbors fed up, say west Charlotte club has to go

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) Homeowners in one West Charlotte community are fed up. They say a nearby nightclub is bringing violence into the community and it needs to go.

Neighbors in the Wesley Heights community packed a meeting Tuesday night with more complaints about Club 935. The club is located on Summit Ave. off Morehead Street. Neighbors have been complaining for months.

"We don't want this club in our neighborhood," said Kori Dear, a homeowner in the community for nearly seven years.

There have been 3 shootings outside the club this year --one of them deadly. Dear says the problems begin once the club closes.

"It's like another party," she said. "It's almost like the nightclub just moves outside. People milling about."

Police have beefed up their presence at the club but Deputy Chief Eddie Levin told WBTV more has to be done.

"We can't allow anymore violence out here," he said.

The club's owner, Adolph Shiver got an earful from residents at the meeting.

"I don't think he cares about the what the opinion of the neighbors is and feels like he's perfectly justified in bringing in the neighborhood," said Dear.

But Shiver disagrees and says he's taken steps to make it safer.

"We got extra security," he pointed out. "We got extra police officers outside. And our number one concern is to make sure everyone gets home safely."

Deputy Chief Levin says they won't stop until the violence does.

"We need to have some hard discussions with the club owner to say, you are responsible for what goes on inside and of your patrons when they're leaving," he said.  

Something Shiver insists he welcomes and said, "we just  need an open dialogue and be more than willing to talk to them and discuss anyway possible we can get people home safely without problems. I'm all for it."

The other issue parking. Once the businesses around the club revoked parking contracts, patrons have begun parking on neighborhood streets.

Police told neighbors they will update them after their next meeting with Shiver.


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