Erica Parsons' adoptive mother blames birth mom for disappearance

Casey Parsons, Erica's adoptive mother blames Carolyn Parsons for the teen's disappearance.
Casey Parsons, Erica's adoptive mother blames Carolyn Parsons for the teen's disappearance.
Carolyn Parsons, Erica's biological mother.
Carolyn Parsons, Erica's biological mother.

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - There are new allegations surrounding the mystery of missing teen Erica Parsons. The teen's adoptive mother, Casey, came out swinging in an exclusive interview with WBTV's David Spunt.

She's now alleging that Erica's biological mother Carolyn Parsons may have something to do with the teen's disappearance.

"Carolyn is the key," she said.

Casey says she let Erica move in with a woman named Irene or "Nan" almost two years ago. She says at the time she believed "Nan" was Erica's biological grandmother.

"We don't know who Nan is. But I think those answers are going to come from Carolyn," she said.

Following Casey's allegations, WBTV spoke to an angry Carolyn on the phone from her home in Louisiana.

"You need to be a mommy and not a psycho. I do not know "Nan." I do not know Irene. They are made up names out of Casey and Sandy parsons' mouth," Carolyn said.

During our interview, Casey brought up Carolyn's name multiple times when asked about Erica's disappearance.

"Carolyn is the one that sent "Nan" to us, and if Carolyn really cared, I don't think she'd go away to Louisiana," Casey said.

Carolyn says she went home to Louisiana just a few days ago to spread the word about Erica's disappearance there.

"Casey and Sandy Parsons have done this. Casey and Sandy Parsons need to pay for what they have done, whether it be jail, prison, whatever it is," Carolyn said.

Casey is now publicly admitting on camera she was fooled, and calls the woman Erica went to live with an imposter.

She even gives a clear description of what the woman looked like. Watch the final part of our Casey Parsons' interview tonight at 11 p.m.

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