See, Click, Fix: Gaping sinkhole being repaired

See, Click, Fix: Sinkhole being repaired

You can't miss the sinkhole if you drive Lancaster Highway near Ballantyne. It's right in front of Southview Church.

When it was brought to our attention, See, Click, Fix initially contacted several agencies like Storm Water Services, Charlotte DOT and even NCDOT.

Turns out none of those agencies is doing this work there.

The sinkhole is technically on the church property and therefore the church's responsibility. So here is what's happening:

Years ago we learned there was a ravine that was several feet deep in that same spot.

The church backfilled it and installed the catch basin that is currently there.

But the way it was built - the soil settled. Plus, with all the rain we got this summer the problem around that area worsened.

So here's is where things stand now....

We do know this problem will be fixed...and very soon.

Mecklenburg Stormwater Services talked to the church after learning of this through See, Click, Fix.

We understand the area around the pipe is getting cleaned, water-proof coating is getting built around the catch basin and then it will be back filled with dirt.

We learned the church is actively completing this and expects to have it graded, seeded and strawed in the next few days.

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