WBTV exclusive: "I miss her very badly..." - Casey Parsons interview

Good morning. It's Tuesday, September 24. This is Christine Nelson sending you this quick email to give you a first look at the stories we're covering on WBTV News This Morning. You can watch up on the air or live stream on the web at wbtv.com/live, from 4:30-7:00 a.m.

EXCLUSIVE: Only WBTV's David Spunt was invited back inside the home where Erica Parsons once lived and where the FBI did an extensive search for clues to her disappearance. Casey Parsons invited us inside their home for the first time since the FBI search. This morning you're hear what her adoptive mother says about death threats, if she thinks Erica will come forward, and what she says to the family's critics.

BREAKING: There is a traffic accident that could affect the morning commute. I-77 northbound near Statesville is closed. You will need alternates at this hour since we're not getting word yet about the accident clearing. We'll have traffic updates every 10 minutes.

Also, a person was shot and killed on the campus of North Carolina Central University. There is new information coming down as well about what happened - we do know the suspect is not a student.

Plus... We see the scenario on television in the new CBS show "hostages," a doctor's family held captive... But home invasions are very much real. Brigida Mack talked with one mom in southwest Charlotte who knows the terror of a home invasion. Her story may be a lesson for others. Don't miss it.

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