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Exclusive: Casey Parsons opens up about missing teen


Erica Parson's adoptive mother, Casey spoke with WBTV on television for the first time in over a month. Parsons invited WBTV's David Spunt into her Salisbury home to talk about Erica, the investigation, and what she thinks happened to the teen.

Erica was reported missing in July by her brother but he told police she was last seen in November 2011.

Casey and her husband Sandy Parsons claim they last saw Erica in November of 2011, and last spoke to her in February of 2012.

"I miss my daughter," Parsons said.

The Parsons both insist that Erica went to live with her biological grandmother, "Nan" in November 2011. WBTV combed through state records and found out that both of Erica's biological grandmothers died long before 2011.

The Parsons' attorney, Carlyle Sherrill said in early September that Casey had just come to realize that "Nan" may not be who she claimed to be.

"Exactly," Sherrill told WBTV. "Now she's embarrassed she felt that way, probably, I think it's finally dawning on her that Nan's not who she thought she was."

Casey Parsons now says she believes the woman she let Erica live with is an imposter.

"It all lies with the lady who called herself Nan. We know that that's a lie. We don't know who Nan is," Parsons said.

Hear more from our exclusive interview with Casey Parsons Tuesday night.

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