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Students choosing online schools to get diploma

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Students are ditching getting a high school diploma the traditional way and have decided to get a diploma the 21st century way - by going online.

There are several online charter schools in South Carolina.  Some virtual schools start from Kindergarten and go to 12th grade and others go from 9th to 12th grade.

Provost Academy is one of several online schools in South Carolina. Administrators from Provost Academy say students are choosing online schools for various reasons.

"Whether that be because they are not learning like they feel like they should be," Provost Community Coordinator Tesha Byrne said.  "Or because there are too many distractions."

Provost has about 900 students who attend the virtual school who live all across South Carolina.

"I think we are preparing our students for college much better," Byrne said. "Because they are in that environment where you know - you have to find your own self motivation to get your work in."

This online school is not a fit for all students. They must be disciplined. Students work at their own pace.  Once they complete an assignment, they can start the next one. Teachers are there to help at all hours with a click of a mouse.

"Many of our teachers," Provost counselor Ayende Alcala said. "Willl be there at 7 o'clock at night or they'll be grading at 11 at night and the student sends a quick email - I have a quick question about this problem and they'll shoot them back an email."

Teachers even record their lessons so students can play them at anytime to get assistance.

South Carolina school district says online schooling works.  It reports about 94% of its students who participate in online courses are successful when it comes to their grades.

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