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Family pushes for helmet safety after near fatal accident


You won't see a child with a bigger smile all because she's riding her bike.

It's been a long road to get here.

"They taught me how to use my left leg how to walk on it," said 8 year-old Ashanti Braddy.

The Maxton girl was riding her bike outside her house when a car hit her back in August.

"Her skull was fractured, she cracked her pelvis bone, fractured left side of her neck and her spleen and her back were fractured," said Ashanti's mother Mandy Watt.

Amazingly in just weeks, Ashanti is walking again, recovering mobility in her hands and is even riding a bike.

Ashanti's is one of the lucky ones said Emily Deering a physical therapist at Levine's Children Hospital.

"She didn't wear a helmet and she promises me that she will in the future."

Ashanti has been at Levine Children's Hospital the past weeks recovering from injuries and starting physical therapy.

Deering says since the beginning of the year 23 patients have shown up at Levine's with head injuries, 20 weren't wearing helmets.

"66 to 88 percent of injuries could have really been prevented with the use of a helmet and decreasing the risk of a traumatic brain injury," said Deering.

North Carolina does require a helmet for children under the age of 16.

Deering hopes Ashanti's story motivates parents to purchase helmets for their children and for themselves.

"If you see your parents wearing a helmet than you're much more likely to do the same. That's where our children learn that's where they get their ideas from."

With her new accessory this tough little girl now never bike rides without it.

Ashanti was recently released from the hospital.

Doctors said they can't predict how long it will be until she makes a full recovery.

However, her therapists say they see substantial progress every day.

Any parent or legal guardian who knowingly allows a child to ride without helmet can face a $10 civil fine. That fine can be waived by showing proof of a helmet purchase. 

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