Coin thieves steal nearly 4,000 quarters from a local car wash

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Coin thieves steal nearly 4,000 quarters from a local car wash.

Brandon Schwartz, a part owner of Mister G's Car Wash on East Independence Blvd., says his business has been broken into 4 times in the past year.

Surveillance shows two men brazenly trying to crack open a padlocked coin drop.

"They cut the lock but there's another lock behind that stopped them from getting in, otherwise, they would have got us again for the 5th time."

But Schwartz says on previous attempts, they took a ladder, cut a hole in the roof of his coin collection room and pulled nearly $1,000 worth of quarters back up the ladder and down again.

"We actually had a bucket in there that was almost full so we have to fill it up all the time because everyone with the dollars, so it was quite a bit of money and definitely very heavy."

It was very, very heavy. 3,200 quarters weigh 50 pounds.

The management of Mister G's is hoping new lights, new cameras, new locks and more police patrols will keep the coin wolves at bay.

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