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Vinyl record sales seeing comeback


Don't give up those vinyl records yet, because there is a market for them. We've seen 45's and LP's moved out of the way for cassettes, 8 tracks and CD's.

These days' digital sounds seem to dominate the music market place.

Devices in our hands and attached to the ears make that point.

Chris Beachley is thankful because the cash register at his Wax Museum is singing even louder, because of a customer base investing in LP's.

"A lot of the artists are putting their stuff out on vinyl in a limited edition," he said.

A James Brown hit was made two doors down from the Wax Museum.

What's now studio East on Monroe Road is the home of James Brown's Papa's Got A Brand New Bag. 

It's owner Tim Eaton says many artists that work here in some instances prefer analog recording over today's digital technology.

He said, " On a vinyl piece, when you put a needle on it, and it gives you an expansion of sound that you can't get digitally, and a lot of people are realizing that."  

It's not just music buyers but also music sellers.

One trade publication reported this week that vinyl sales at Amazon dot com are up 745 percent, since 2008. 

Along Central Avenue at Lunch Box Records, the owner to WBTV news records out sell CD's by a two to one margin.

Back at the Wax Museum, Beachley says there are many favorites.

"I cannot keep a Led Zeppelin, A Doors, A Hendricks in here. They come in and there gone in an hour or two," he said. "There's somebody out there that wants a record for the most part just about anything."

Add vinyl recordings to the list of things that say old school is still cool.

In recent years, some electronics companies have started making turntables again. The new machines can even record music right on your computer.

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