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Work at home scam with a twist


We have warned you before about work from home scams. 

Now we've seen a new twist on the same old scam and we have a warning from our Cyber Expert Theresa Payton.

Theresa says the scammers make it personal.   The scammer friends you on Facebook and then lures you into a work from home scam only this one involves nudity in chat rooms.  

Theresa's advice: 


1.  If this is a person that you don't "really" know and they are talking about "easy pay" for doing nothing.  It's probably too good to be true.

2.  Even if it is someone you know, be wary of emails with extensive push to do something immediately and to click on a "helpful" link - call your friend first

3.  There are no legitimate businesses that pay people to hang out nude in chat rooms - in many cases you may be violating chat room rules and you could be breaking the law depending upon where you live and their laws about distribution of online porn

4.  If you receive an offer that you believe is a scam, report it immediately to the Better Business Bureau

5.  If you believe you are a victim of a scam, contact your local law enforcement as well as the FBI at

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