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Surviving Heart Disease: Meet Cissy Currin

Young, healthy, and fit ... not the stereotype for someone with heart issues.

Cissy Currin, and avid runner, went in for a routine checkup 2 years ago, and doctors found a congenital heart defect. She had open heart surgery soon after.

6 months later .. another surgery after finding that the device placed in her heart wasn't working.

So where is she now? Still running.

Currin says she continues to make the choice that no matter the circumstances she will keep her fighting spirit... and believes there is purpose for her being here today.

Currin is urging others to prevent heart disease. Sometimes it's as simple as listening to your body, "go to the doctor, ask questions, if things don't feel right then don't waste time. Don't waste time, don't wait. Time is your best asset."

To hear more heart healthy tips from Cissy, watch the attached video.

You can be part of the cause by joining the Greater Charlotte Heart Walk, Saturday September 21st.

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