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Surviving Heart Disease: Meet Caroline Greer

What some take for granted, others have to work very hard for.

Nation Ford high school senior Caroline Greer was born with a congenital heart defect, but maintains an active life style in order to stay heart healthy and give back.

Greer had 3 open heart surgeries by the time she was just 21 months old, and another at age 12.

Caroline is taking a break from cheerleading and swimming to focus on studies, but is getting plenty of workouts in by chasing around nearly a dozen children she baby sits for.

Greer says her nurturing spirit comes from the great care she received while in the hospital. Caroline is spreading the word to never give up, "even if you're going through a hard time, know that no matter what happens, it'll make you a stronger and a better person. There's always a silver lining."

You can be part of the cause by joining the Greater Charlotte Heart Walk, Saturday September 21st.

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