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NC new voter ID law being discussed at JCSU


College students are learning about North Carolina's new voter ID laws. 

About 40 Johnson C. Smith University (JCSU) students showed up to a town hall meeting on the campus Tuesday.

They wanted to get educated about the new laws passed in August.  State Senator Malcolm Graham organized the forum and held it on Constitution Day.

Graham was on the panel, also president of the local NAACP chapter Rev. Kojo Nantambu and two professors, who specialize in law.  One professor told the students 37 states now have Voter ID laws. She also said NC's new law was patterned after Georgia's law.  It was revealed because of Georgia's new law, it's estimated about 30,000 people in Georgia could not vote because of the new law.

Most of NC's law goes into effect in 2014.  One law that will impact college students is being questioned. They can no longer use their college ID to cast a ballot.  The law requires students to show a government ID to vote.  Students believe the new law will disenfranchise young voters.

"Not everyone has access to getting an ID," JSCU Junior Jordan Baker said. "As far as voting - it's a supposed to be a democracy. It's supposed to not be limited to a certain amount of people, so it's just unfair."

Graham has requested the US Attorney to review NC's laws to determine if they are constitutional.  In the meantime, Graham will have more town hall meetings to educate voters what must be done now before people can vote.

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