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Atlanta father devastated by murder of his children

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A story that made national headlines begins and ends right here in Georgia. A mother allegedly killed her two children over the weekend. The murders happened in California but the family is from Cobb County, GA.

Marilyn Edge was supposed to turn her kids over to their dad, Mark Edge, as part of an ongoing custody dispute. Last week a Cobb County judge awarded Mark Edge temporary full custody.

"We're just devastated," Mark Edge's attorney Marian Weeks said.

Marilyn Edge was supposed to start paying child support and turn the kids over in Georgia on Sunday at noon. Instead, a police officer showed up at Mark Edge's door with the devastating news.

"We were frightened that she wouldn't come with the kids yesterday. Mark and I never dreamed she would do this. We would have thought it was more likely she would hurt Mark, but never thought she would hurt the kids," Weeks said.

Saturday, Marilyn Edge crashed her car into an electrical box outside a Home Depot in Costa Mesa, CA. Police said she tried to strangle herself as rescue crews approached. It was then police said Marilyn Edge told them where they could find her children, 13-year-old Jaelen and 9-year-old Faith, dead inside a Santa Ana hotel room.

"We've worked so hard and all Mark has ever wanted is to just love his children, to have time with his children, to take care of them," Weeks said. 

Weeks said Mark Edge was proud of Faith and Jaelen, and thought his current work with disabled adults would help him guide his son.

"He is autistic. Mark always felt he could do a lot more than Marilyn let him do, that Marilyn held him back. Faith is the daughter and was 9, was a tomboy, she was the little athletic one," Weeks said.

It's the end of a long custody dispute that no one saw coming.

"They were her children and she would have them. This is the ultimate control. She took them away from him forever," Weeks said.

Mark Edge is in the hospital for emotional distress.

The children will be brought back to Georgia for burial.

Marilyn Edge is charged with two counts of murder. We reached out to her attorney Mary Ann Korre. Korre said she was shocked by what happened and that she never thought Marilyn Edge was capable of murder.  

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