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New N Charlotte Toyota Prius will offer better gas mileage

2013 Toyota Prius in NC 2013 Toyota Prius in NC
Toyota hybrid near Charlotte Toyota hybrid near Charlotte

It might be hard to believe that the new Toyota Prius in N Charlotte could offer better gas mileage. However, Toyota has plans when it comes to this hybrid car and the other eco-friendly options they produce. Some new goals Toyota of N Charlotte heard Toyota has when it comes to producing eco-friendly cars include:

  • Enabling the Toyota Prius and other hybrid models to get 10 percent better gas mileage
  • Make re-charging electric vehicles easier
  • Produce a hydrogen fuel cell car and have it on the market by 2015

We're eagerly awaiting these adjustments to be made so that drivers in the community can experience them first-hand. However, we also know that the current models that belong to the Toyota Prius family already have a lot to offer!

Which new Toyota hybrid do you want?

With so many eco-friendly vehicles available on the automotive market, it can be hard to narrow down which one is best for you. Taking a closer look at the different options available, though, might help potential owners figure out which hybrid car is the best choice for them! 

  • Toyota Prius: This eco-friendly car helped capture drivers' attention back from when it was first introduced at the beginning of 2000-2001. Sporting an iconic hatchback look, this spacious eco-friendly ride comes with plenty of technological features for drivers to enjoy and, of course, amazing gas mileage. 
  • Toyota Prius c: Sporty features are often associated with a two-door coupe. While this Toyota hybrid doesn't come in a sports car style, it is designed to be more sleek and streamlined to give off a more sporty vibe and look. Its sporty appearance doesn't mean it can't offer great gas mileage. In fact, it offers some of the best fuel economy out of any non-electric vehicle – 53/36 mpg! 
  • Toyota Prius v: If more space is what you're interested in obtaining, then you'll be sure to enjoy the design of this eco-friendly new Toyota in N Charlotte. It's specifically designed to offer more room while at the same time delivering the much-loved gas mileage these eco-friendly cars are famous for. Who says that more room equals poor fuel economy? That's definitely not the case with this car!

These are only a few of the eco-friendly cars that are available on our lot at Toyota of N Charlotte. There's even more hybrid options available that offer more styles to choose from, too. 

Toyota of N Charlotte offers great hybrid choices

If you think that a new Toyota hybrid is the best transportation choice for you, then why not come visit us to look at all the options available? There are additional options to consider, such as the Toyota Camry Hybrid , Toyota Avalon Hybrid, and the Toyota Highlander Hybrid! With so many different choices, it's understandable if you'd want to take your time test-driving more than one vehicle. So why wait? 

Call us at (888) 883-3797 to set up an appointment, or just stop by and visit us in person whenever you have a chance! We're located at 13429 Statesville Road and are open until 10:00 pm every day!


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