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Muscle cars draw big crowd at Tyler store's grand opening


A Sunday car show hosted by a Tyler auto shop drew dozens of locals out and for participants, it was all about showing off their work.

Cars ranging from classic to exotic—even some trucks—drove up for a shot at a trophy for their respective divisions, during a grand opening celebration for the new "speed shop" at Pep Boys.

With no prize money, organizers said the event was really about giving the public a place to see the powerful roadsters, while giving their owners a place to show them off.

One of the most popular cars on the lot was Scott Lieberman's 2007 Lamborghini Gallardo.

"I am an interventional cardiologist," he said. "A lot of what I do on a daily basis really involves cutting edge hardware and electronics. I like the aspect of the cars in terms of  the performance and how they're put together."

Even with his impressive showing, Lieberman was still able to marvel at the other hot rods.

"Everybody's got a different style and taste," he said. "You look at 1940s and 50s cars and some of them are just spectacular. What some of these guys have done in their cars in the garages in terms of updates and modification is really quite fascinating."

Robert Nathanson showed off his 1963 Chevrolet Impala Super Sport at Sunday's event.

"I saw it on the internet and just fell in love with the car and just had to have," he said. "I negotiated with the guy for 6 months and finally talked him out of it."

His preference all comes down to the gritty sound of the engine.

"I have to admit  when i was really young, Ferraris and Lamborghini's--the exotic cars-- were really attractive," Nathanson said. "Once you go to a drag strip and listen to the American muscle, you get sold on it."

It was also a chance for younger enthusiasts to learn and maybe even dream.

"I'm going to take my Lamborghini Murcielago to first place and I am going to win," said nine year old Esteban Rodriguez.

"Yeah and he is going to let me borrow it," said his six year old brother Miguel Rodriquez.

Both Nathanson and Lieberman drove away with trophies in their respective categories, plus some bragging rights.

You can see a slideshow of other cars from Sunday's event here.

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