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Bobcats see spike in ticket sales as team readies to become Hornets


As the Charlotte Bobcats prepare to start training camp October first, ticket sales show fans are more ready than ever to cheer on their team.

"People that have not come to many Bobcats games at all are now buying season tickets," said Bobcats President and COO Fred Whitfield.

He says the big boom at the register has helped the Bobcats increase their end of season ticket sales so far by 60 percent.

"We've actually outpaced our goals and ticket sales. We're in the top 10 in new season tickets sold in the NBA. We're also in the top 10 in ticket season renewal numbers."

And although the 2011-2012 Bobcats ranked worse of the worse NBA teams last year… there is a new excitement in the team.

"I think it's an overall brand that the community is starting to attach to and then once we transition into the Hornets next year we expect an even bigger boom," said Whitfield.

But Whitfield says bringing back the buzz is just one of the reasons fans are excited.

"Kemba Walker really coming into his own, having Gerald Henderson come back and resign with us, going out and getting a free agent Al Jefferson and going out and drafting a guy like Cody Zeller," are some other reasons added Whitfield.

Bobcats are also betting on a new coaching staff to make sure numbers aren't only up in attendance but also on the scoreboard.

"Our new coach Steve Clifford who is going to do a great job helping develop these guys, having Patrick Ewing and Mark Price added to our coaching staff to help develop our young guys," said Whitfield. 

That way old and new fans have a reason to keep coming back

"And we love it when our fans leave and say we won," said Whitfield.

For those fans that are still looking to purchase tickets the Bobcats have come out with a two year ticket plan which includes the last year of the Bobcats and the first year of the Hornets.

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