Parsons fail in attempt to talk to investigators about Erica's disappearance

Parsons meet with DSS

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - A day of frustration for the adoptive parents of missing Rowan County teenager Erica Parsons.

Parsons was reported missing by her adoptive brother six weeks ago, but hasn't been seen in nearly two years.

She had been living with Sandy and Casey Parsons on Miller Chapel Road in western Rowan County.  The couple adopted Erica when she was very small.

On Thursday Sandy and Casey Parsons met with officials from the Rowan County Department of Social Services as well as other family members and a guardian ad litem representing their two youngest children, ages 7 and 8.

Those children were taken from the home when the investigation began into the disappearance of Erica Parsons and are currently living with the mother of Casey Parsons.

Thursday's meeting was a child family meeting to hold a discussion and answer questions about the children's custody.

Prior to the start of the meeting, members of the media were told by a DSS security officer that they would have to leave the public parking lot.  When media officials refused to leave, Rowan County attorney Jay Dees was called.  Dees arrived a short time later and told media members that he had been told by DSS staff that they were bothering and trying to interview clients coming into the building.

Media representatives told Dees that such information was incorrect.

Dees then told members of the media that they could stay in the parking lot and said that the only entrance to the building for the public was the main entrance.  Minutes later the Parsons were allowed to enter the building through an employee entrance in the back of the building.  It is an entrance the public is not typically allowed to use.

After a little more than hour, Sandy Parsons came out of the front door and was immediately surrounded by cameras and reporters.  Parsons had nothing to say.  He got in the family van with an "Army of God" license plate on the front and drove back to the front door to pick up Casey.

"They can't even go and have a meeting without the media being outside waiting on them," said lawyer Carlyle Sherrill.

Custody of the children was not decided today, but could be decided when a hearing takes place on September 26.

After leaving DSS, Casey and Sandy Parsons drove to Sherrill's office.  After meeting with Sherrill briefly, all three came out of the office and walked across the street to the back entrance of the Rowan County Courthouse.

"Nothing really materialized, we hoped that we could cooperate with some folks and give them some information but nothing ever materialized," Sherrill added.  The attorney said that Sandy and Casey Parsons had intended to meet with investigators from the Rowan Sheriff's Office, but that the meeting didn't take place.  "That's what we thought but things just didn't work out.  The timing for everybody was just off," said Sherrill.

Sherrill came back alone to speak with WBTV and the Salisbury Post.  Minutes later Sandy Parsons walked back to get the van and go pick up Casey.

"They're frustrated, really frustrated," Sherrill said. "Especially about the help they are trying to give to find Erica and what they are trying to do to get their kids back."

When asked what Sandy and Casey Parsons would want the public to know about them right now, he replied that the couple wants people to know how much they want to help in the search for Erica.

"They would want the public to know that they are doing everything they can to get Erica back," Sherrill added.  "They are cooperating with law enforcement, they're also trying to get their children back, their younger children back, and they miss them very dearly and their lives just aren't' the same.  They feel like they've lost everything without them."

Anyone with information on the disappearance of Erica Parsons is asked to call the Rowan Sheriff's Office at 704-216-8700.

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